Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bacon Compound Butter p. 32-33

I had never thought of compound butter or doing it at home until this cookbook. It’s something that you get at fancy restaurants. But as I was reading and preparing for a steak meal the other night, Mark Bittman suggested a compound butter to top the steak. So I turned to the page and went through the many various things you can use to make a compound butter.

Another dish I was preparing for this meal called for bacon and I decided it would make a lovely addition to butter and my steak. Especially since I prefer a filet mignon wrapped in bacon.

To make compound butter is probably the simplest thing to do in a kitchen and yields amazing results. This is what you do. Take butter, at room temperature, and mix it with something, in this case crumbled butter. (I also threw in a bit of bacon fat... why not?!)

Then freezer or refrigerate. That’s it.

Make it today and impress your guests.

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