Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cleaning House

So, this is not a recipe post, but I think it goes along the theme of this blog.

I love buying in bulk and it doesn't help that I work only a few hundred feet from a Sam's. What I love about buying in bulk is splitting it up and putting some in the freezer for later. I tend to hate going to our local grocery store, but I don't mind Easy Way, which sells fresh produce. So if I can pull a meat out of the freezer and just stop at Easy Way to fill in with a veggie or two, I'm a happy camper.

But I tend to buy more than I use, which leads to a cluttered freezer, fridge and pantry. For the last few weeks I've made an effort to use what we have already and I've been impressed with the outcome.

We've had pork tenderloin, various chicken dishes, taco salad, lamb, beef tenderloin, fish, and much more. Bryan and I have been downright impressed with what we can put together without even going to the store. I haven't been to the grocery store for three weeks now! (Don't worry, I stock up on milk and eggs at Easy Way once a week.)

So not only is it decreasing my grocery bill, I'm also cleaning out the old. I am loving how easy it is to find things in the freezer and pantry now. Hopefully I can keep things on a minimum, buying only what I need.

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