Thursday, December 3, 2009

Broiled Lamb Chops p. 768

This is my first experience cooking with lamb. Bryan has cooked it once for us while we were married and I might have had it once or twice before in my life.

This is a very easy dish, as it is with most of Mark Bittman's simply cooked meats.

Simply heat your broiler and broil for a couple minutes on each side. It cannot get easier than that.

This dish is so easy and so quick to cook that its ridiculous that people even eat out. What are thinking? Are we really that lazy when there are dishes like this that are so easy to cook? I'm speaking to myself on this rant.

I did think they were a little lacking in flavor. Next time I make them, I might try a marinade for an hour or so. It couldn't hurt.

I served mine broiled lamb chops with steamed broccoli and rice.


  1. The chops need some sort of sauce or gravy on top. May be a red wine sauce with thyme, tarragon, or rosemary such as the sauce on pan-seared steak recipe. I think the restaurants would do that as I usually saw in TV cooking shows. Paul.

  2. Another possible sauce is the Argentinian Chimichurri sauce in page 28 since it is the fashion du jour in many new cookbooks and on TV for grilled flank steak. I am sure you can find an interesting sauce in the sauce section in pages 21 to 60. Paul.

  3. Those broccoli florets look kind of mushy. I assume that you follow the book cooking times in page 240. I believe that those cooking times are too long and should be cut by half. More reasonable cooking times are in the chart from this link: