Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Favorites: The Rest

A few of my favorite things from How to Cook Everything:

1. Stock! I am obsessed with making my own stock now. I seem to use a lot more of it than I did before when I wasn't making my own. Maybe its because I know how delicious it is and secretly want to use up my stash so I can make my house smell so good again and again and again.

2. cooking in packets. I love how easy cooking in packets is. Choose your meat, throw in any veggies that suit you (or that you have on hand), add your seasonings and cook. I'd love to host a dinner party at some point with a spread on that Today Show segment where everyone makes their own packet.

2010 Goals:

- Branch out into other, less explored categories like: desserts, soups, and beans.
- Consistency in posting.
- Try things I don't like.

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