Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Herb- Roasted Chicken Cutlets p. 672

This was one dish I wasn't too crazy about. Perhaps it was the herbs I used and the flavor.

Start off by heating the oven and then mix herbs. The recipe calls for tarragon, dill or chervil (what is this? I've never heard of or used before) and parsley. I used everything dry because that was all I had. Cover chicken breasts with herbs and cook with a cup of stock to roast in the oven.

It is a super easy dish to make, however, I don't think I care for the flavor of tarragon. I will tweak the flavors to my liking next time.


  1. Replacing some of the chicken stock with white wine and adding several cloves of garlic, minced and a teaspoon of mustard may help (See the recipe Grilled chicken with tarragon and mustard in the table paged 642). This is the classic french seasoning system. Paul.

  2. Actually you can use more ideas from page 641 for any roast chicken. This is the same as the ideas in page 517 can be used with any meatless pastas. Paul.