Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meat Loaf p. 723

The husband doesn't like onions, of course, so I substituted an extra carrot for an onion. I think it was too much, should have just left it out. I also didn't have sage and didn't feel like buying it.

I felt it was a bit bland, but the boys said that the bacon on top gave it good flavor. Which was a fluke that I even had it around.

This is the first recipe to sort of disappoint. Good thing I had the asparagus and potato to make up for it.


  1. I made this recipes without the bacon topping. The carrots were still tough after the cooking. I would saute the carrots ahead. I was not impress with the taste. I made the version from the Better Homes and Garden cookbook, and it was better. I am convinced that with classic american dishes like meat loaf, chili, and stews, you better off in using classic American cookbooks such as Better Homes and Garden or the Joy of Cooking. By the way, James Beard Foundation reccommended those two and Bittman book as the general purpose cookbooks. Paul.

  2. I've made this recipe (or close to it) numerous times for many people and have had nothing but rave reviews. Mixing meets is key; if you can get ground veal than go for the extra cost.

    I use a food processor to mince up my carrots and onions; I also normally add the spices while I mince the veggies.

    Use Progresso parmesan or italian breadcrumbs for extra taste.

    Bacon is a must.

    Cook the meatloaf in a bread pan so it cooks in its own juices, baste often.